Our Global Pet Nutrition Center

Our 180-acre Pet Nutrition Center is where we care for approximately 450 dogs and 450 cats whose sole responsibility is to eat pet food.

Everything we do in the PNC is to ensure we have the right nutrient level in each and every one of our products, including:

  • Analyzing ingredients to make sure they meet our high quality standards.
  • Determining how much pressure is needed to crush a kibble and ensure that kibble density and consistency are appropriate for each lifestage.
  • Analyzing gas output from the pets in the PNC. We want our foods to be as pleasant going out as they are going in.
  • Analyzing the smell, taste and feel of our foods to make sure pets will love it.

Finally, we are the only pet food company that we know of currently using nutrients to change how genes are expressed. For example, the omega-3 fatty acids in j/d turn off the gene that creates an enzyme that degrades cartilage in dogs.