How Dogs Show Affection for Their Owners After Long Absences

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If you've ever gone on a trip without your dog, the most exciting part of returning is seeing how happy he is that you're back. However, the reaction that a dog gives when reunited with his pet parent can sometimes be unpredictable. Check out these ten hilarious ways dogs greet their pals after a long time apart.

Dog taking a selfie with pet parent

1. Super Selfies

People love to show the world how happy they are to see who they left behind after a long trip, and some dogs will gladly pose when reunited with them. Often the reason for this is to imitate you, but it makes for the perfect picture. Some pups even have their own social media accounts to share their selfies on!


Shaggy dog lying on his back in the grass expecting a belly rub.

2. Expects a Belly Rub

What pet parent wouldn't want to drop all their luggage and rub a belly like this the minute they walk in the door? Many dogs will stay on the floor until their pet parent gives them the attention they deserve, whereas others like the following...


Yorkie dog on a man's lap with his face touching man's face.

3. The Face-to-Face Greeting

The pup on the right obviously expects an explanation from his pet parent for being away so long (really he just wants to get his scent back). Whether you're getting dog kisses or he's demanding belly rubs, spending time alone with your dog after a long trip is important for both of you.


Large yellow lab peaking around corner with toy at his feet.


4. Brings You a Toy

As you can imagine, dogs get bored while their human companions are gone, so don't be surprised if he brings you every toy in the house when you finally come home. Chances are your dog is looking forward to plenty of playtime now that you're back.


Dog being silly

5. Absolute Silliness

Some dogs just go absolutely crazy when they see their family, unable to contain themselves. From running around in circles, to barking and jumping, to wiggling around on their back, all you can do is laugh until they finally calm down and believe you are actually here at last.


Basset hounds waiting with their heads on a window sill.

6. Waiting at the Window

A dog happy to see his pet parent might be waiting with wide eyes and a wagging tail at the front window. Many dogs can distinguish the sound (or look) of your car from others, so that may be all it takes to get them to run to the window and show how happy they are that you've finally returned (hopefully with a nutritious treat).

Dog with nose pressed against camera for very close up shot.

7. Where Have You Been?

Do you have a dog that smells you intensely when you return from a trip? Dog's have over 300 million olfactory sensors in their nose, according to PBS, and they know when you've been around other animals or new surroundings. And they love to take in every new scent you bring back with you.


Brown dog licking human hand.

8. Kisses Galore

Some dogs just can't wait to give you loads of kisses (and maybe even a hug) when you return from a short trip. Dogs always enjoy showing their unconditional love for their pet parents--what dog-lover doesn't truly love a wet nose in their face after a long trip?


Golden Retriever hiding in tall grass.

9. Hide and Seek Anyone?

Although most pups come running and barking to see their pet parent after a long trip, others like to hide and expect their pet parents to come find them. This doesn't mean they didn't miss you, so find them and give them your full attention for a little while when you first get back.


Sleepy dog with head on a green pillow.

10. Absolutely Nothing

"Hey buddy, I'm home!" Cricket, cricket... When your dog continues to nap or do absolutely nothing after you walk in the door, it doesn't mean they didn't miss you. Some dogs may just be waiting for you to come curl up with them, yet others (over time) may have become accustomed to long times apart and know they don't have to put on a show to get the embrace they want.

Dogs definitely have unique ways to show how much they missed you when they return from a trip, and capturing some of those moments can definitely help you remember the millions of reasons you love your pet so much.


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