Great Ways to Pamper & Spoil Your Dog

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Find food that fits your pet’s needs

Find a dog food that fits your pet’s needs

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West Highland Terrier dog in bed with human owners.Your dog is your best pal; he’s your constant companion, with you through thick and thin. He protects you, plays with you, and cuddles with you. He’s the first one to greet you when you get home, tail wagging behind him. Why wouldn’t you want to pamper him every once in awhile? Here are some healthy ways to spoil your dog.

Spend Time With Him

Ultimately, spending quality time with your pup is the best way to pamper him and build your relationship. Your dog sees you as the leader of his pack. You are his protector and provider, and he lives to please you. Connecting with you is an important source of satisfaction and reinforcement for him. Spend quality time each day petting him, giving him belly rubs, playing fetch with him, and training him. If you have several pets, be sure to give each of them individual attention and cater to each of their individual needs.

Choose the Right Food

From the moment you bring your puppy home to his aging years, it’s important that you pay special attention to his dietary needs. He will require different vitamins, minerals, and supplements at various stages of his life. Take the time to do your homework, talk with your vet, and shop wisely to find the food your dog needs. A happy, healthy life starts with a solid foundation of precisely balanced nutrition. You can also provide your puppy with dog treats from time to time to reward positive behavior. These special gifts can be useful for puppy training, dental health, and building his trust in you. Puppies often prefer smaller treats, which are also effective in training. Treats should not constitute more than 10% of your puppy’s diet to ensure healthy growth and activity.

Also, while spoiling your dog from time to time is important, keeping him healthy is much more vital. So, when he looks up at you with those big puppy eyes while you’re at the dinner table, remember that you should not feed human food to him. Check out our Human Food Treat Translator article to understand human snacks can affect your dog, and never feed anything to your dog without first consulting your veterinarian.

Look Good, Feel Great

Regular grooming doesn’t just make your pooch look good—he’ll feel good too. Brushing him will help keep his coat and skin healthy and clean. Start by getting him in a routine of being brushed or trimming his nails. Keep the sessions short at first, and only begin when he’s in a relaxed mood. Eventually, he’ll get used to it and even look forward to his grooming sessions with you.

Fun and Games

One of the best ways to spend time with your dog is by playing and exercising with him. Take him for a daily walks. Figure out what activities he enjoys the most and make them a part of your routine. Hiking? Running around at the park? Catching a frisbee? Swimming? When you’re sitting around at home, you can play tug-of-war with him and his favorite toy, or have him fetch a tennis ball. Keeping your pup active is good for his health, and yours!

New Sights and Smells

It’s really exciting for your dog to visit a new place. He gets to smell new things, meet new friends, and experience more of the world around him. Take him on car rides. Visit or meet up with friends who have dogs—socialization is important for your dog’s development. Go to dog-friendly businesses and he may even get a couple treats. If you have a few extra dollars, do your research and find a luxury pet resort for him to stay at while you’re on vacation.

Learning is Fun

Teaching a dog new tricks is fun and rewarding for both of you. Learning basic commands and tricks will help him have better manners and confidence, and allow him to form a closer bond with you. Besides, what’s more fun than teaching your dog how to high-five?

Get the Right Gear

Shop around for the perfect accessories for your dog. Find a leash, collar, and comfortable bed for him. Your vet can help you determine which leashes and collars are a good fit for him. Occasionally reward him with a new toy for him to enjoy. There are also all kinds of options when it comes to choosing clothes for your dog, but be careful not to force anything on him that he doesn’t like. Don’t allow clothing to cover his face or otherwise restrict his breathing.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to spoiling your dog. Everything from massages to pawdicures to yoga classes awaits the enthusiastic owner. Just remember to exercise some caution when making choices for your dog—it can be hard to resist those puppy eyes. You might be tempted to give your puppy one too many treats or let him jump on forbidden furniture. If you let him have complete run of your house, it could encourage bad behavior and in some cases, lead to health problems. Give your pup the pampering he deserves, but don’t overdo it.

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