• Cat Urinary

    Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) is a general term and includes, for example, urinary stones and other causes of bladder irritation.
  • Dog Urinary

    While many dogs’ urinary issues may be treated and cured with assistance from your vet.
  • Dog Digestive

    A digestive disorder is any condition that prevents proper digestion or alters the rate at which foods passes through your dog’s digestive tract.
  • Dog Weight

    Dog owners don’t always recognise that their dog is out of shape. Maybe that’s why nearly half of pets in Europe are overweight!
  • Skin & Food Sensitivities in Dogs

    If you notice your dog scratching, itching, licking or rubbing more than normal, then he might have a skin condition.
  • Dog Kidney

    Your dog’s kidneys are important because they remove waste substances from the bloodstream and maintain the normal balance of fluid and minerals within the body. But if the kidneys are not able to do their job, the result could be life threatening for your dog.
  • Dog Weight

    Many of us don’t realize that our dog is overweight, because the weight gain is easy to overlook as it often takes place gradually over time.
  • Dog Joint

    “Stiff joints” is a general term for changes in the joint caused by normal or abnormal wear and tear.
  • Cat Digestive

    A digestive disorder (gastrointestinal disorder) is any condition that prevents proper digestion or alters the rate at which food passes through the digestive tract.
  • Cat Skin

    Ideally your cat’s fur should be clean and fluffy, and feel soft and smooth when you pet her.
  • Cat Weight

    Just an extra pound or two can make a major difference in your cat’s health, general wellbeing and overall quality of life.
  • Cat Kidney

    Your cat’s kidneys play a vital role in maintaining her health. They help control her blood pressure, regulate the bloodstream, produce important hormones, enzymes, and red blood cells, as well as remove metabolic waste from the blood.
  • Cat Health Condtions

    Hill's therapeutic cat food is clinically tested to help manage a wide range of health conditions. Choose a category to learn more.
  • Cat Weight

    Obesity is a serious health condition in cats, but often goes unnoticed because weight gain is gradual. That’s one reason why nearly half of pets in Europe are overweight.
  • Cat Urinary Wellness

    Nobody likes to clean up after their pet has an “accident,” and by helping your cat maintain a healthy urinary tract, you can make that a thing of the past.
  • Dog Health Conditions

    Hill's uses clinically tested nutrition in every therapeutic dog food to help you manage a variety of health conditions.